Man needs beauty, and the beauty – it is the art

MadridArtWeb · Full Time

We know that the right candidate for MadridArtWeb could choose to work anywhere in the world. So why consider a small startup like us when you could work at Facebook, IDEO, or Apple?

• First and foremost, you will get to work with an amazing team. We invest an extraordinary amount of time finding the best possible people. As you know, one great colleague is better than a hundred good ones.
• High alignment between, MadridArtWeb business goals and user experience goals. We don’t need to sell ads or our user data to make money. The larger an audience we reach, and the more we educate them and help them discover art they love, the better our business does, and the more we support our institutional partners and the artists they represent.
• There are no set hours or holidays, no pointless bureaucracy. World-class people deliver incredible results and are wonderful to work with — what else matters?